Ptr 9ct Brace Options Ptr 9ct Brace OptionsWe grouped it multiple times, these were all 5 round groups, and consistently the PTR 91 would group about 1. Attach the SB Tactical SBT Evo Pistol Stabilizing Brace to stabilize your shots down range while enhancing your firearm's aesthetic. What oil do yall use to. great option for a customer wanting to use the Arm Brace and comes with a rear cap that allows you to easily mount the brace or other option. PTR 9CT 601 PISTOL – AllArms LLC. Up For Sale or Trade Is A Like New PTR 9CT With SBT5A Side Folding Brace, 2 Heckler & Koch German Magazines 30rd, 2 Korean Magazines 30rd, 2 PTR 30rd Magazines, Romeo5 Red Dot, Sling, Case And All Factory Paper Work. {The 5} Best MP5 Clones For Sale. I was just wondering if the co-witness red dot was an option. Best bang for the buck mags, and brace. Protector Mindset with Kyle Morgan. 15% Off on Qualifying Optics Get Code PTR PTR-9CT Semi-Automatic Pistol 9mm Luger 8. H&K USP45 in the nightstand (hybrid LEM/Match FTW) PTR 9CT in the gun safe USC 45 on the wish list AAC Tirant. SBT5A | SB Tactical SBT5A Folding Brace for MP5 SP5 Reverse-Stretch $ 199. I picked the PTR because Atlantic Firearms has a killer deal for the pistol …. Locks up at each notch on the rail and looks great on the gun. In the last 12 months there is great demand for a PTR 9CT and most handguns. I know some cautioned that using any non-PTR parts would void the warranty too. Century Arms AP5 vs PTR's (MP5 Clones). Made from glass filled polymer just as the HK German counterparts are made. Semi Auto Action but is NFA Sear pack ready. The K needs the 80 degree for suppressed usage, had to swap to this in my K and reverse stretch to cycle properly. Picked up a ptr 9ct today on the 4th of july sale at local gun shop 20% off. 55” precision-welded top rail enables use of compact optics or the traditional iron. PTR 9CT with 4 mags from PTR, and one steel mag. Total comes out to ~$1681 for the 'pistol', brace, and shipping. 86" 3-lug barrel is threaded to 1/2 x 28. 15% Off on Qualifying Optics Get Code Guns / Handguns / Pistols; PTR PTR-9C Semi-Automatic Pistol 9mm Luger 8. This familiar roller delayed blowback design features a classic wide plastic handguard to give it that traditional Subgun look. This PTR 9CT Pistol comes with the SB Tactical SBT5 Pistol Stabilizing Brace. Dentists usually charge between $60 and $250 to remove braces. Also RTG has an adjustable Choate stock for $144. It keeps the optic low enough for comfortable cheek weld. Franklin Armory + Gun Parts Franklin Armory Gun Parts Franklin Armory BFSIII HK-C1 Trigger - Binary Firing System for HK 91/93/MP5 Franklin Armory BFSIII HK-C1 Trigger - Binary Firing System for HK 91/93/MP5 Q&A Question - Will this work in the PTR 9CT. You can take the mag out without even pushing the ejection handle. 4 ETS mags-functional, 4 HK 30 rnd curved current production-functional, 4 HK 15rnd curved mid 1970s production-functional, KCI Gen2 2020 purchase (4) 2 would not let the bolt close and needed to be replaced by KCI by RMA. Rugged 6061 hard-coat anodized aluminum adapter with steel rods, the HKPDW provides you with all the advantages of a pistol with improved control by adding a third point of contact for …. Any standard MP5 shelf grip frame will work. Make sure to thoroughly clean your product prior to firing. My plan once I get my Form 1 back is to piece together an A3 stock, but that probably won't be happening for a bit. The Safety Harbor brace is by far my favorite, but they are fairly hard to find. PTR Optics and Sight picture : r/MP5. Price is really affordable, other wide handguards are going for 2-3x this price. This is a VERY tight fit in my PTR 9CT, but once it’s on there, it’s incredibly solid and …. The SBT5 fits MP5/MP5K Reverse Stretch Clones and comes ready to install. 9CT obviously has the cool factor but it's about 1800. Edit telescoping brace, trilug can and binary trigger. We design, develop and manufacture accessories for firearms including the original pistol stabilization brace. The rails on the end cap stick out just a little bit after the file it fits great. This is an excellent and reliable H&K MP5 clone, with the MagPul furniture, SB brace and top optic ready picatinny rail really makes this MP5 clone platform excel. The fire selector levers are much higher than the polymer stops on the trigger. EDIT* ship them with ups/fedex with tracking. PTR GOES BIG (And Small): New 9KT And 9R MP5 Style Guns. I also picked up a SB Tactical brace a week later, off to the range …. PTR 9CT Mp5 Clone + Many Extras. This true-fit posture corrector could be an optimal solution if you’re. Only issues have been mag related (ETS). Thoughts on the PTR 9 CT : r/MP5. Most people love the look but have seen multiple reports that other braces are better for extended shooting. Wolf Military Classic 9mm Luger 115 grain FMJ (steel) Federal Champion 9mm Luger 115 grain FMJ (brass) Ammo was used in the following 30-rd curved magazines: KCI (PTR-provided OEM magazines) POF ($29. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. Must meet in Locust Grove weekdays 6-7pm or weekends in Henry County. The Barrel is Nitride treated 8. BT-20156 | BT-20156 B&T HK MP5 SP5 HK94 Foldable/Length Adjustable Helmet Stock $ 339. Classic-looking and true in form and function, the 9CT's introduction immediately caught my attention. 9CT (MP5 CLONE, PISTOL VARIANT, THREADED, #601) WITH $250 SB TACTICAL SIDE-FOLDING BRACE ACCESSORY (#SBT5) HEAVY DUTY STORAGE HARDCASE AND USPEACEKEEPER TACTICAL SOFT CASE (3 MAG POUCHES, 1 LARGE POCKET) NO TAX STAMP-NOT NFA-JUST A PISTOL ALL THESE PTR's ARE 100% *NEW* AND UNUSED. It is going to take a good amount of force to drive the pin out as it is splined on one end. Leaves me $54 extra for the transfer fee and money for a classic mp5 looking hand guard. SB Tactical’s SBT5KA Pistol Stabilizing Brace® is based on the original Brügger & Thomet side-folding stock for the H&K MP5K machine pistol. 7 Star Rating on 30 Reviews for SB Tactical HK Side Folding Stabilizer Brace for HK MP5/MP5K RS Clones + Free Shipping over $49. The brace installation was so easy. I have an option to fly to Hungary from Milan either from MXP or the Bergamo Airport. 30 (jail), Yankee Hill Phantom TI QD. Hey guys, took my new PTR 9ct out to the range a few days ago for the first time and put a little over 200 rounds through it. No failures of any kind so far but I have noticed one small issue that is more annoying than anything else. No, out of the box they are not rated for suppressor use. I am the original owner, bought it but never even chambered a round. But the 94 was bulky for what it was this short beast, with arm brace was ideal. So you need to get a muzzle device that is 7. Truss Bridges: Beam Bridges With Braces. With the unofficial start of summer just weeks. PTR pistols are US built and ready to …. $379 for the adapter end cap slider and tailhook. 556/223 Pistols (Not for use suppressed or with buffered carriers). Century C93’s are built by Century. SB Tactical HK Side Folding Stabilizer Brace for HK MP5/MP5K. We started with a factory fresh PTR 9CT 601 and turned it into a night vision capable tactical subgun. The equivalent Z-5RS is $1724-1844 without a brace. Once one adds a $200 tax stamp, $300 B&T stock and $80 fore grip, we arrive well north of $2000 to have …. Best bang for the buck mags, and brace. When it comes to standing, walking, and running, our legs play a crucial role in keeping us upright and mobile. I will end up suppressing it down the road, and may end up SBRing. Only the 9KT because MP5K guns had a different locking piece due to the shorter barrel and receiver. Reply [deleted] Holosun 507c didn't work. PTR-603: PDW-100003: 897903003173: Standard: 30 Round Polymer: $1989: 9KT quantity. Also when you ready to SBR your SP5, you can just purchase the stock plate and you can convert your brace to stock etc on the B&T telescopic brace. If you used SS for your suppressor you can order completed cards from them for $15. Hell the MKE is more clone correct than the HK SP5 in some ways :). I bought a standard wide fore end for mine as well as a MI and then a B&T with light as well. Light whack with a punch hammer (non-marring) and no problems. 017" with about 700 rounds through it. Probably only around a thousand to 1500 through the AP5. I like PTR, I just wished that PTR would have the option to have or NOT have a picatinny rail mount welded on the firearm. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - POF vs PTR. Brace Options for the HK SP5K. What mags are good with the ptr 9ct and what’s a good forgrip. PTR 9mm Handguns For Sale. MP5 collapsing pistol brace?. I just got an email from PTR stating if you change the locking piece …. MSRP is $1899 Atlantic has them for $1690 and it includes the pistol brace. Whew, lot of acronyms in that title. PTR 9CT details: Firearm has 20 rounds through it, serviced. Does anyone know where I can find one in stock, or have one you're looking to get rid of? Preferably the sd sbt5 or magpul MP BSL. This is a great option for a US made handguard available at the lowest price anywhere! Great option for the new PTR 9c and PTR 9CT models!! These are after market hand guards and will fit the following HK Style firearms: MP5, HK94; MP5 40/10; Zenith, AA, MKE, POF & …. SKU: PTR9CT-SBT5A Categories: Hand Guns, PTR INDUSTRIES pistols Tag:. 2 MOA, which is psychotic, I actually thought it wasn’t real. The length of time it takes for braces to correct an underbite varies between patients and is heavily dependent on the severity of the underbite, but patients typically wear the braces for 1 to 3 years or more, as stated by Dental Associate. In order to make and SBR thats 1 stamp (and form). Purchased from fellow forum member last year. Option 2 - MRKT-Draco Trunnion + MRKT Folding Mech + JMac Stock/Brace of your choice. Do you have crooked teeth or teeth with inconsistent spaces between them? Whether you’re an adult or a teenager, you don’t need to settle for a less-than-perfect smile. My PTR9CT has worked perfectly with HK, MKE, POF, and the PTR mags that came with it (supposedly KCI). Choosing the Right Colors of Braces: A Guide for a Fashionable Smile. I say that because the brace is practically mandatory as it completely transforms the platform and makes it a far more enjoyable. Posted: 1/23/2019 8:53:49 PM EDT. PTR 9 CTwhat to do with it?. Answer 1 of 2: I arrive to MXP and will be staying in Milan for one full day before heading to Hungary. The second are orthotic braces, which may be covered if deemed medically necessary, according to the. I spent more to get the Zenith because I saw a few things on the PTR's that I didn't feel should be there on a $1700 gun. After removing braces, the dentist issues the patient a retainer to ensure that teeth stay in place. I'm new to the platform and this forum. Get your questions about SB Tactical HK Side Folding Stabilizer Brace for HK MP5/MP5K RS Clones answered by Expert staff and verified buyers including aesthetics, compatibility, durability & more!. My local FFL who sells me guns at pretty much cost couldn't even touch Atlantic's price without the brace, so with the brace it was a no brainer. PTR-601: PDW-100001: 897903003104: Standard: 30 Round Polymer: $1989: 9CT quantity. Thread Starter nwga; Start date May 13, 2020; Tags ptr Status. Taking care of the usual suspects, I replaced PTR extractor spring with a brand new HK spring. Stocks & Braces – Dakota Tactical">Stocks & Braces – Dakota Tactical. Our best sales and surplus - direct to your inbox!. The 9CT comes with both traditional push button and paddle style magazine. com the best online marketplace for buying and selling semi auto pistols, firearms, accessories, and collectibles : 900911134. PTR-600: PDW-100002: 897903003012: Standard: 30 Round Polymer: $1989: 9C quantity. I ordered 2 more of the wide handguards from rtg. This is a high-quality, US Made MP5-style carbine t. The 9KT is a hunk of trash and I wish I had never spent the money. I gave the inside of the brace and the rear of the receiver a little Ballistol too, and wiped it off before putting the brace on and used a rubber mallet to coerce it on. 2:45 Pistol braces (HKPDW and SBT5A) 4:45 Grip module, safety selector, and trigger (Magpul SL) 5:30 Optics and mount height options (SIG Romeo 5, Trijicon MRO, Eotech XPS3, Scalarworks) 7:46 Handguard and accessories (Midwest Industries, Holosun LS117IR, Surefire M300, Arisaka, Malkoff, Unity TAPS) 11:19 Magazines (ETS, KCI gen 2). The PTR 9CT 601 model features an M-LOK compatible aluminum handguard. SB Tactical HKPDW HK Brace PDW Aluminum Black Hardcoat Anodized 3. Semi automatic pistol with the classic look and familiar roller delayed blowback design. We take a look at the PTR 9CT-CL PTR 604 9mm Pistol. Some individuals may have what’s known as “braced legs”, a condition that affects their. PTR's are SEF, not ambidextrous so a binary trigger pack would in theory fit in the 9KT housing. U«å EYíí!QT´~¸Ž¨I= ) çï¯ ×?LËv\Ï÷¥¦õ [I awEb B¤$K6eÚsœ;gÙžwI* D4)Ø À €¢µ f/Š~v'Á‹Âÿg¦ù åËé}zÒ” ‚ ÀE‹-MIvÛíï5. The bezel, that houses the bulb, is enlarged to encompass a shock isolating system to prevent the bulb from breaking under recoil. 86" barrel w/ 3-lug/threaded to 1/2x28, 1913 rail on top, end cap with swivel adapter for sling, hard plastic storage case, bungee sling, two 30-round magazines, rear sight adjustment tool, and original manual/paperwork included. However, not all legs are created equal. 22 (jail), Dead Air Sandman TI. PTR INDUSTRIES 9KT (9MM) 5" BARREL WITH SB TACTICAL SBT5KA BRACE …. 83" Threaded 30 Round 9mm, M-LOK Black. WTS] SB Tactical SBT5A Side Folding Brace for Full Size MP5 …. trigger and trigger work and an extended paddle release PTR completely stock (Wide handguard was added after testing) Both 9mm PTR - Roller Delayed CZ- Blowback Initial weight, they …. The PTR 9CT model features an M-LOK compatible aluminum handguard. The biggest concern that keeps me from buying a PTR 9CT right now is it looks like the odds of getting one that a wide forearm will fit on is a total crap shoot. I have owned an HK91 as well as a JLD clone for many years, but finally purchased a PTR 9CT last year, and have been shooting it regularly. Any mags as quality as hk that aren’t so pricey? Also …. PTR’s 9CT has all the iconic styling of the classic MP5 but without the tax stamp and huge price tag. I still had the occasional FTE even after about 500 rounds. If you can catch them when they have them in stock it's the way to go imo. The B&T GHM9 brace adapter with tailhook style would look awesome IMO on an MP5K. PTR 9KT w/ SB Tac SPT5A Brace : r/MP5. Having the rail is what has me leaning toward the PTR option. Imo they make the best brace for the MP5 series on the market I have the brace version on my 9CT, and it’s super tight with zero wiggle. 00 Add To Cart Quick Look BT-200590 - B&T Stock Telescopic for. 86" Barrel 30-Round Black; PTR PTR-9CT Semi-Automatic Pistol 9mm Luger 8. SB Tactical has a ton of braces for the AR/M4 weapons family and they have evolved a ton away from the ugly original. PM If Interested Trades Would Be Looking For Is High End 9mm Pistols. Have wanted a MP-5 since 1980 SAS Iranian Embassy Raid. Seems a good number of them have the cocking tube turned a bit too far to the left and it results in the charging handle getting in the way of the wide forearm fitting. Extras include: 5 total kci metal mags A3 tactical folding brace. I love this thing, soft shooter and at 25 yards (indoor range) standing I was pretty close to dead nuts on with my iron sight and Sig Romeo5 red dot. Unfortunately PTR neglected to add the front sling hook to the sight tower at the front of the gun, which most clones have. My original plan was to just use the wide handguard that's like 20-25 bucks, but I got the KAC for a price I couldn't turn down. Extras include SB Tactical folding brace, Magpul hand guard, classic tropical MP5 hand guard, 4 KCI magazines for 6 total. I got the 9CT I’ve already ordered a boat load of extractor springs and a German extractor. Thank you for your consideration!. I will try it suppressed as well. Will hear out any trades but really only interested in Walther PDP Pros, Finnish M39 Mosins, M855A1, NVG stuff. The Magpul SL Grip Module is a high-strength, injection-molded polymer grip module for HK94/93/91 & Semi Shelf HK Clones*. Become a Beta Tester for the Timney Triggers HK91 Replacement. This has the tri-lug & 1/2x28 tread pitch. This little guy is produced under license from H&K. I've had the occasional FTF with my. I then got a Fast Fire III for optics which has been really awesome. Alternatively, you can find the brace with the correct end cap for whichever PTR model you have. Release button is firm but not too hard to press. If it doesn't cycle as smooth as the 9KT, I will swap in a 80LP as well. I just ordered a PTR, a brace, and 3 KCI mags. This model features an M-LOK compatible aluminum handguard with an attached finger guard. This is a VERY tight fit in my PTR 9CT, but once it’s on there, it’s incredibly solid and really completes the pistol. My LGS remembered that I had inquired about them getting any PTR 9CT's in stock a few months back, and they called yesterday and have two in stock, holding one for me through tomorrow. Let us help you find the best options for. Shop online or locate a dealer near you. Not the first time I've seen this happen. AP5 comes with door-kicker metal mags. SB Tactical SBT5KA Pistol Stabilizing Brace. The first are dental braces, which are not covered. Jump to Latest Follow There are some great brace and stock options for the gun. After I added the stock the extractor seems to be blocked and the charging handle sticks about half way back. Gone are the days when traditional metal braces were the only choice to straighten teeth. 86", 3-lug barrel is threaded to 1/2x28 and includes push button and paddle style magazine release. The HK91 Replacement Trigger looks to be a drop-in style trigger as with many of Timney’s triggers so installation should be easy and …. 00 or more, Body Armor, Rifle Kits or uppers may be sent Adult. I’ve been considering a AP5 core for a few hundred less, but the extras of the PTR seemed worth it. I opted for the 9C instead of the 9CT as I have a few 3-Lug can options and I prefer that mount style over the threads which always seem to back off/need to be tightened up. Once again the best price on it and fast shipping , arrived in 2 days. POF magazines are one of the most affordable and reliable 30-rd curved box magazines available at $29. Get rid of the PTR and ETS mags, only save the KCI second gen. (By neutered I mean the K model lacks the forward grip. I recently converted my PTR 9KT on a Form 1 and added a B&T stock. Then I read the mp5 was designed for 124 gr NATO rounds. " In my case, a good amount of force was a 2lb sledgehammer on a stout pin driver to get the filler pin shifted. PTR 9ct questions: : r/MP5. The 9CT is great with a tropical/wide handguard. Great buy and best price I have found so I would say buy it. 86′ 3-lug barrel, M-LOK handguard, diopter sight and a precision-welded optics rail allowing the shooter to easily add accessories. 1 of 1 found the following answer helpful. Operating System: Roller-delayed blowback. Was it helpful to you? Yes | No. The PTR 9CT Modernization Project. These are some my first reloads. These have been out of stock since last summer, we received 3 of them today, (2) Zenith MKE 9mm and have. Used Magtech 115gr ball and 125 +p gold dot hp. New Ads Handguns Rifles Shotguns Parts & Accessories Scopes & Optics Ammunition Reloading Supplies Curios & Relics Air Guns Knives Non-Firearm …. Requires spacers (as provided by u/Glittering-Influence) and a little bit of dremeling to get a flush fit but it will 100% work on a 9CT. What are the best brace options I should look at? I am thinking about the SBT5KA and want to see if there are other options I should consider. The PTR-9R – Ban State Compliant. 5" steel picatinny rail specifications caliber operating system action barrel carrier site mount handguard overall finish length. The PTR 9C/T is a damn good gun, built incredibly well, and shoots great as a SA stock version or as a sear host. I would appreciate any insight on this. Included 7 total mags 2 - clear ETS 30 rounders 4 - KCI 30 rounders 1 - KCI 20 rounder (shown. 2-8" is a quality addition to the SB Tactical lineup. Joe's Review of SB Tactical HKPDW HK Brace for. Lightning round: PTR 9CT or 9KT? : r/MP5. SB Tactical SBT5A Pistol Stabilizing Brace Side Folding Black …. For the rear of the 9CT, I bought an SB folding brace, an HK OEM pistol cap and an authentic B&T polymer stock adapter end cap to swap the folding brace onto. After India’s terrible IPO track record, the market’s bracing itself for a big one—finally. 011" and it feels much tighter overall. 86" Barrel 30-Round Black; PTR PTR-9C Semi-Automatic Pistol 9mm Luger 8. The key differences, however, all come down to the design, location and composition of the truss. PTR 601 9CT Pistol 9mm Luger 8. ‼TODAY’S BIG HIGHLIGHT‼ PTR 9CT With. Just received a few brand new PTR 9CT 9mm pistols into stock. See the referenced QD sling mount here. Once one adds a $200 tax stamp, $300 B&T stock and $80 fore grip, we arrive well north of $2000 to have a reasonable facsimile to an HK MP5K PDW. A little digging around and got the brace for 158 with shipping. Safety Harbor is making a slider with a Tailhook brace. What's New; Forum Listing; PTR-9CT-3lug and threaded-3 polymer magazines-Collapse brace-sling In factory case as pictured +50. Additional Features: Ambidextrous lever deployment, Ergonomic design delivering comfort in the open or closed position, Compact design, Integrated QD Sling Mount, Lightweight. Immediately ordered some POF mags from RTG Parts and and new forearm (have big hands). CZ scorpion or PTR 9CT (mp5 clone) which would you get?. I bought my PTR 9ct about 2 and a half years ago when the sp5 wasn’t an option for me. PTR 9CT-CL Classic Pistol - PTR 604. The Tailhook is a revolutionary patented pistol brace design that uses a rigid foldout support arm to counterbalance muzzle weight and effortlessly stabilize a pistol against the shooter’s forearm. 9CT with suppressor is getting closer to Zenith prices. THIS PISTOL IS HIGH QUALITY THE MATTE FINISH IS VERY NICE. Most people prefer the old school look from the SP5 or AP5. Answers for Will this fit on the ptr 9ct?. MP5, SP5, 94 Wide Forearm. PTR 9CT suppressed : r/MP5. As soon as the E file system is back up I will be submitting my form 1 so I can also dump the SB tactical brace for an A2 stock. The Single Best Strategy To Use For Ptr 9ct 9mm What you need to know about 9ct 9mm I would favor they promote the CT and KT as finished uppers with BCG. New here on the forum but not in life. Next ODT Gun Show is May 6, 2023! Click here for tickets and here for all the info. Just received my SB Tactical HKPDW brace today. Sometimes goes on sale down to $39. It might be easier contacting SB brace. Per my emails with PTR, " The pin should be removed from right to left of the firearm if you were shouldering it. I had previously watched a video of a guy having a bunch of failure to feed and failure to eject issues. clipped or clipped and pinned SEF lower will work for the binary. I’d also recommend just buying a bolt head instead of grinding a locking piece. FITS: HK SP5, CENTURY ARMS AP5, ZENITH ZF-5, MOST MP5 CLONES (9MM ONLY). 86" according to PTR, so to get to the legal 16" you need to account for the 1/2" threading the barrel and device overlap at. 5" 1:7 BBL 7" MLOK NANO KIT 30 RND. They'll replace it but the replacement will eventually break too. This pistol is a close replica of the MP5. The biggest problem with the SB Tactical …. Take the ETS mags and throw them in the garbage. Handguns PTR 9CT: The Affordable HK MP5 By Bob Campbell Published on October 18, 2021 in Handguns During the 1960s, Heckler and Koch developed one of the finest submachine guns in history. 16”, 3-lug barrel is threaded to 1/2 x 28. Posted: 2/17/2022 10:50:43 PM EDT. Each HK Stabilizing Brace System Includes All That You Need For A Complete Assembly: Sig Sauer SBM4 pistol stabilizing brace; HK backplate adapter for HK backplates; PTR PDW backplate and recoil assembly; HK G3/93 Style buffer assembly with hardware. Now let's see what the big question is that needs to be answered. PTR PDW Brace Installation Atlantic Firearms. These are new and reports are positive. 2 Magazines, rear sight adjustment tool, cable lock, single-point bungee sling. Combined with the SB tactical brace, this gives the gun a really nostalgic look and feel. PTR PDW Pistol Stabilizing Brace Made Specifically For The PTR-PDW Firearm. For the minimal provide a deal Along with the gun only, simple polymer home furniture, hold the mags and unneeded stuff, for minimized dollars. HKparts sells the MFI ultra low pictanny rail mount that co-witnesses with the optics. Install was a breeze in my PTR 9CT and this was a perfect fit for my 1913 SB Folding Brace. The SOB has clean lines and I run one on my PTR PDWR. It uses 2x CR123 and an incandescent bulb. Currently Atlantic has a bundle deal with the pistol stabilizing brace included with the pistol. Grand Power Stribog 10 Round 9MM Magazine. suite 111 tampa, fl 33609 +1 813 653 1200. I bought my PTR when MKE's weren't being imported and the only other MP5K option was the real deal HK that costs $3k. Handguns PTR 9CT: The Affordable HK MP5 By Bob Campbell Published on October 18, 2021 in Handguns During the 1960s, Heckler and Koch developed one of the finest submachine guns in …. 86in Black Nitride Modern Sporting Pistol - 30+1 Rounds - This model features an M-LOK compatible aluminum handguard with attached finger guard. Flying into MLX AROUND 4:30 pm on 5/15. Both of these will be keepers, so resale value isn't a consideration. With an arm cuff based on the SB-Mini™, the SBTEVO-G2 features a right side-folding, polymer strut attached to a lightweight housing with an integral QD socket. Not going for 100% HK clone exact parts, but close enough. Posted: 12/5/2021 6:52:02 PM EDT [#5] Pick up the B&T/SB brace version and …. PTR 9CT has a welded optic rail on top of their gun. Since most fire from an open bolt, simply converting them to semi-automatic fire results in a firearm that is inaccurate, jarring the shooter as it operates. OK, I'm new here, but this wouldn't be my first roller lock (HK91) so don't go so hard on me. Unboxing the PTR 9CT and first impressions. Has a bushnell trs-26 optic on it as well. AP-5P 9MM Pistol with SB Tactical Brace and Shield SMS2 Optic is a lightweight and compact offering from Century Arms made in Turkey by MKE. Get the folding brace and find one used. Description: Guns Listing ID: 710943. Show Only In-Stock Items; Show Only Out-Of-Stock Items PTR, INC - PTR 9CT Pistol 9mm, 8. PTR 9CT pistol (9mm) 601 - HK MP5 clone 8. The problem is the red sits on top of the front sight hood. They used to be imported by Zenith but the contract fell through a couple years ago and now Century is the. The next best option is the HKPDW. Comes in a SKG I-series case with cut foam for a perfect fit. The end cap of the SBT5A brace will attach to the rear of the receiver/pistol grip. PTR also has a great reputation for making quality stuff. The bolt gap will tell you what size roller you need to go to, larger or smaller. Chambered in 9mm, it’s a fun little gun, weighing in at just over 5 pounds. PTR 9CT, PTR 9C, PTR 9CT-CL, PTR 9R, may fit other like clones. Ui E9íí!ª ˜“V €FÊÂùû«ÀØÝ ë¸žï?5}«­¦‚ Ä Hù_ õaÿ\§ÿ¹—¤ñ@Ä# àQ²Bsf›b›z›b«rÿÌ4ÿ -oVçÂ7¡”K 8i°ôJ¶ãnÇí¶c©Ó. It's pretty cheap and available on Amazon. A quick walk through installing a pistol brace to your PTR PDW Pistolwww. Did not follow break in procedures as I don’t read instructions on how to pew lol. It needed additional clearance to fit the PTR stepped shelf but it looks the part better than the factory unit. Stribog might be your cheapest option, but I think those have gone up in price as well. You must add the brace to the order from the Bundled products just above the Add to Cart button. It looks great but is super pricey. I've narrowed my choices down to one of these guns. Hello and I have joined the HKPRO forums. But if you buy something like a quietbore filterkit, file a form 1 as "manufacturing a silencer" you can form 1 a suppressor. Just bought a PTR 9CT; please educate me about mags. Just picked up a PTR 9ct, now what. PTR 9KT SBR buildout thread. First roller/hk clone/style gun, so a bit ignorant as to what to expect or how to trouble shootBeen researching a bit and sounds like this may not be optimal? Ran 100-150 rounds of Winchester 124gr NATO fmj through my PTR 9CT today, zero malfunctions but all brass looked like the two. That might not be “budget” enough in the world of. American made, auto sear ready (if you can afford the $25K they are getting out of those) and the 9ct version is threaded for a suppressor. 86" sporting 3 Lug, Threaded Barrel 1/2x28 so you can mount your favorite muzzle device or supresssor. Even though the PTR was quite a bit more in money it looked and felt like a real sub gun. The sight housing on the Micro T2 is made from a high- quality aluminum alloy, and it’s submersible in up to 15 feet of water. 8-inch nitride-treated barrel and an MLOK handguard for easy mounting of accessories. " I emailed them a month ago and got this response. And of course it would it’s a HK MP5 clone. Gun ended up getting damaged and the owner was told by PTR that is was because he ran is suppressed without the 80 degree locking piece. The material and build quality is perfect. The 9C comes with both traditional push button and paddle style magazine release for quick. pricing, or shipping options for this item, please contact our customer service team. AP5 its a doodoo quality flimsy case that belongs in the trash. Specifically, the POF 5PK vs the PTR 9CT or KT. At nearly 8 pounds and 24 inches long, the PTR is not exactly a gun you can easily conceal, and it isn’t a gun you would want to carry all day long. EDIT: Oh and if anyone finds reliable mag pouches for curved mags, let me know. GUNS Magazine Affordable Icon: PTR’s 9CT. You get a detachable rail (PTR has a welded one), so if you want a more classic look, you can leave it off. I don’t think the any of the claw mounts fit the PTR guns. If affordability is the name of the game, then the PTR 9CT is your best bet. 86” 3-lug barrel is threaded to 1/2 x 28. In an effort to help users make informed decisions, we have aggregated the following information on the retailer above. However, after cleaning, but before firing, lightly oil all the internal parts (bolt head, bolt carrier, locking piece), while keeping the barrel and chamber dry. Good braces jokes often rely on clever puns or word play, as exemplified by this joke: “What does a dentist do during an earthquake?” The response: “He braces himself!” One funny joke about braces refers to the common stereotype of the dumb. I have a 9CT on layaway and it will get paid off soon. 00 Select options; AllArms Taurus 709 Slim Finger Extension Magazine Baseplate. The next logical step to diagnose FTE problem would be replace the extractor in the original bolt …. ) PTR clones come with M-LOK handguards for modular attachment of accessories of all kinds. Introducing the 9mm PTR 9C and 9CT family of pistols. There are some great brace and stock options for the gun. $1700 just for the pistol in original configuration or $1900 with the B&T quad rail which can be hard to find. PTR PDW Pistol Stabilizing Brace Complete. My PTR 9CT bolt doesn’t fully close on the first round. retrodog Discussion starter · Oct 28, 2018. fitting onto the PTR is hit or miss according to the many threads. The PTR 9CT can use original HK MP5 Parts, like the wide hand guard pictured below and many other desirable accessories. It has a 7-inch barrel, is chambered for. Finally, after some time, and recently really depressing personal situation, I saw the PTR 9CT in a local shop and said "Screw it, this one is coming home with me!". Based on the iconic Brügger and Thomet side-folding stock for the MP5 series, the SBT5 Pistol Stabilizing Brace enhances your MP5 pistol with an integral, side-folding mechanism. In fact, I'd say that even before hitting the range, there's nothing easy about the PTR and I'm really hoping that all changes once I get it setup and get shooting. Any brace that will work is greatly appreciated. Building on last year’s successful launch of two MP5 clones, South Carolina based firearms manufacturer PTR is announcing two new models in their production line up. Here is your chance to play out your Die Hard fantasy! Lightly used PTR 9CT Mp5 clone, about 100-200 rounds through it. original endplate and HKPDW included. The Tailhook pistol braces are truly operable with only one hand, being deployable with the touch of a button and do not require. 5 Best MP5 Clones in 2023. Most parts are direct from the manufacture or imported from overseas sources. However, as you have mentioned, mine is an early model; I ordered when the 9KT was first announced. The PTR models include a full-sized rifle, two standard pistol models with different muzzle devices, and a neutered K model as well. First time buyer (PTR 601 CT) what should I inspect during. Answers for Will this fit a ptr 9ct. So I submitted an eForm 1 for a PTR 9CT. All the pin holes line up perfectly. 6k rounds later and my PTR CT, as well as 9KT (2k rounds), and it runs like gold. I prefer to not pay $200 to the government and register the gun. I bought this brand new in the summer of 2019 from Surplus Ammo in Tacoma. These have a threaded barrel, come with sling, 2 mags, and hard case. the zenith 5 was gone and truth be told next to. Also heard plenty good from their second gen. I have the reflex but want to try the lighter eclipse. The company has been focused on roller delayed blowback guns since their inception, and …. 9mm Magazine, 30Rd PTR and is designed to be a direct replacement for all 9mm PTR & HK® style firearms. A small red dot mounted on top makes a huge difference. G34 Gen 5 MOS - $600 OEM Threaded Barrel - $150 Recover - $100 RMR Type 2 - $450 You could substitute the RMR with a cheaper option and save $$. 601= barrel with tri-lug adapter & threaded 1/2x28 barrel. PTR 9CT w/ M-LOK aluminum handguard, 8. Dakota Tactical offers an incredibly well built MP5 clone. PTR 9CT MP5 Review 1,000 Rounds Later (Almost) YouTube The copperhead has an overall length of 14. SKU: PTR6019 Availability: ships from our shop in 3 days +/- Limited Production and Availabilty: New offering due to ATF Pistol Brace Rule Stock Status: Available. MPN: HS510C would work well on the PTR 9CT. Shop SB Tactical HK Side Folding Stabilizer Brace for HK MP5/MP5K RS Clones | 4. 300 AAC Blackout, and comes standard with a telescoping pistol brace – not unlike Maxim’s CQB stock, though obviously an arm brace – made for Q by SB Tactical. billctx Discussion starter · Jul 5, 2021. no brace, just had the end cap but I could tell it definitely wasn’t stacking all the shots on top of eachother. It looks similar to the sb1913 brace but a little shorter and a stock. According to West Temple Orthodontics, different types of rubber bands are placed on braces. The PTR 9ct is on "sale" on Atlantic Firearms for $1,500. In my opinion there's 2 solid options; buy a used clone- some real good prices. Rather than being imported from a foreign manufacturer or produced from a mix of new and surplus parts, the 9CT is produced new entirely here in the United States. “I was just curious to see if I would find anything a bit interesting,. Number 5 on my list of optics for the MP5 is the Aimpoint Micro T2. Because of how low the irons are, you almost have to rely on the optics (e. Today we’re reviewing the PTR 9CT!Follow Our Other Media Pages: @rshgungroupVideo Sponsor: https://www. I currently overpack them into my PTR 9CT case when I go to the range, but it's not ideal. I tried putting my GSG stock on my MP5 before biting the bullet and buying an HK one, and it didn’t fit. Can’t wait to get to an outdoor range for 50 and 100 yard. The MFB is designed to provide modularity in style, form, and function. AKM, WASR, PSA AKV, AKP, GF3, Arsenal 107r. And the burn made it all the way to the customer (me included), and it's even happened to PTR. KCI mags are decent, but I have one that sometimes doesn’t pick up the last round. Right now on Atlantic Firearms, you can get a PTR 9CT with a hard case, 2 magazines, a sight adjustment tool AND a Brace for $1,679.